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Grange School - Vision, Values & Aims

Our children, parents, staff and community partners will work together to promote a culture of respect, ambition and life-long learning within a physically, emotionally, morally, socially and nurturing environment to realise their full potential

Grange Primary School supports the values of:
Wisdom                      to learn and share with others
Justice                          to be fair and reasonable
Compassion          to care and nurture others
Integrity                 be honest and moral, listen to others
Respect                  regard for others’ feelings, wishes or rights, both adults and children
Kindness                be friendly, generous and considerate to others
Commitment        achieve your best, be ambitious and work hard
Be good people who will make a positive difference to their school 
and the world in which they live.

1.    We aim to provide a welcoming, secure and stimulating and healthy environment in which our children learn positive attitudes, self-esteem and become Confident Individuals.
2.    Staff and Community will create and provide a shared responsibility for the effective leadership of learning and teaching and school improvement to stimulate children’s imagination and intellectual development to become Successful Learners.
3.    Staff and Community will develop opportunities to contribute ideas and feelings and become Effective Contributors in all areas of the curriculum.
4.    Work co-operatively within the school cluster and wider community to share good practice and ensure smooth transitions from one establishment to the other.
5.    Enable all children to access an inclusive curriculum that provides the appropriate support and challenge to allow them to fully develop their skills and talents to become Responsible Citizens.