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Keeping Your Child Safe Online

As you will be aware the Internet, while it brings many benefits to children's learning, can pose a threat to their safety, if it is used to exploit and target them.

In school we take stringent steps to ensure that chldren using the Internet in their learning do not have access to inappropriate sites or materials, or that they cannot be accessed by inappropriate individuals.

Outwith school, many children have access to the Internet and to social networking sites eg Bebo, Facebook etc. It is very easy for adults to use these sites to contact vulnerable young people, pretending to be of a similar age, and to set up online 'relationships' which, unfortunately ,in some cases leads to real danger posed to the young people. This has actually happened in our local police area.

Parents are advised to be very vigilant in supervising children's use of the Internet and to satisfy themselves that the people their children are communicating with are genuine.

Advice and guidance on how to keep your child safe can be found at the link below.

Internet Safety advice